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🇨🇭Organization of vocational training at affiliated training institutions through a memorandum of

Organization of vocational training at affiliated training institutions through a memorandum of understanding

our International Board or Massage Therapist Association

organizes professional training courses at affiliated training institutions through a protocol of understanding such as: University centers, private and public vocational schools.

  • Basic training courses,

  • Specialized Masters in Continuing Professional Education

  • Study holiday training courses

  • Stage

We provide training institutions:

  • consulting service on the organization and management of courses

  • Specialization courses for teachers

  • Specialization courses for school directors

  • a 3-year training program a 2 which consists of 1500 hours divided into lectures theory, practice, and summer practice laboratory

  • regulations and statutes recognized by the Swiss Red Cross in 1999 (promotion regulations, school regulations, internship regulations, final exam regulations)

  • consulting service on the international regulations of training institutions

  • service of academic qualification and certification of hours of study in Switzerland, Italy and other nations in collaboration with university centers, and private and public vocational schools affiliated through a memorandum of understanding.



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