🇨🇭 our advisory service on the Facebook 👍 pages and groups

🇨🇭 our advisory service on the Facebook 👍 pages and groups

Schools affiliated to the International Board of Massage Therapist

(page 👍)


Page dedicated to the information and promotion of events organized by university centers, schools and professional associations, organized through a protocol agreement and teachers, students enrolled in our association

Articles, photos, posts, dates and location,

Massotherapy odm international magazine (group)


Intercultural and multi-lingual group dedicated to all members, organizations and training bodies currently affiliated to the International Board or Massage Therapist Association in 27 countries.

Promotion of projects and events developed for and with our members

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For the opening of an international ODM International office, send an informational request to: odm.advice@gmail.com

Ordine dei Massaggiatori (page 👍)


Page dedicated to the information and promotion of the working activities of the therapist members for which we will be happy to publish above all articles but also photographs, posts, dates and event locations.

To become an ODM International blogger submit a request for information to: odm.advice@gmail.com

Ordine Internazionale dei Massaggiatori (group)


Page dedicated to the organization and promotion of an operational computer network serving all our members, multidisciplinary actions will always be promoted and enacted.

Send project data, goals and objectives to: odm.advice@gmail.com

Please note: We use this service as a first contact approach and possible basic data exchange.

Any subsequent and desirable development will be dealt with at our offices or in a video conference with whom we will be advised

We do not use these groups and professional pages on Facebook to chat in a widespread and prolonged discussion.


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