🇺🇦 registration 2019: Ukrainian Union Professionals SPA, Resorts and Wellness

Ukrainian Union Professionals SPA, Resorts and Wellness facilities in Ukraine operates in Ukraine for more than 10 years.

The main goal of our statutory activity is to promote SPA & Wellness industry-Ukraine, protection of rights and interests of industry professionals, to promote better working conditions, and informational support as union members and potential clients and guests SPA & Wellness facilities in Ukraine. Over the past 10 years, more than 500 SPA & Wellness objects have been joined by the Union, which have attended international and national events: seminars and conferences, trainings and meetings.

Over 10 years of the Union operation - Ukraine has launched a new trade specialties in SPA - the Union has established and held eighttimes an international conference "International SPA-Assembly" - 2009, organized and carried out Ukrainian SPA & Wellness Professional Award and the national rating "Best SPA Ukraine" - organized and implemented conference "SPA-National Forum" - launched, registered and implemented "Industry standards SPA & Wellness» for specialists and executives for rooms, safety standards, service standards and the standards of service SPA & Wellness - held "Ukrainian SPA-summit" and "Carpathian SPA-summit" - created "Union of suppliers of SPA & Wellness» - founded the project "Priority SPA» that enables customers and experts to choose the best deals from suppliers and contractors.

- founded Expert Council of the Union, providing free advices to professionals of SPA & Wellness. - established "International SPA –Academy " that promotes professional development of managers and SPA & Wellness industry in whole - established a professional magazine SPAce In 2019, the VIII International Assembly SPA-2019 was held March 11-14, 2019 in Lviv.

VIII International Assembly-SPA-2019is the main event in SPA & Wellness industry in Ukraine. Multifaceted international business platform where there is at once significant events SPA & Wellness: International Conference - «SPA-Assembly" is an event for investors, owners, senior executives, managers of industry of SPA & Wellness, beauty and recreation, SPA-hotels and SPA - Resort.

Format:international business conferences, interactive training seminar with workshops, discussions, business talks and rounds, cultural and entertainment program, free business communication, recreation

Ukrainian SPA & Wellness Professional AWARD is the first and only industry professional independent Ukraine Award, which is awarded to nominees and winners for achievements in SPA & Wellness. The award has the status of a national professional event

International Ambassador SPA & Wellness-is a program for the development of cooperation and interaction between the SPA & Wellness industry of Ukraine and foreign colleagues, experts and objects of SPA & Wellness.

Program mission:

  • Experience exchange and business networking, presentation of new joint SPA & Wellness projects, capacity-building within the framework of the International Expert Council, promotion empowerment of business projects for the participants of the program;

  • Development of the SPA and Wellness -tourism market between project participants; exchanging of tourist flows, cross-promotion of new projects between partners;

  • Establishment of a new format of partnership programs between the participants of the SPA Assembly.

To participate in the program are invited to hotels, resorts, SPA -centers, country hotels and SPA-facilities of any classification having:

  • SPA and/or Wellness Center area of ​​at least 500m2;

  • Own innovative SPA technologies, as well as advanced technologies and experience of management and marketing in SPA;

  • Possibility to present 1-3 owns ethnic or regional SPA/Wellness technologies and/or a report on the successful management experience in a SPA or Wellness Hotel.

Contact Organizing Committee :

+ 38 044 2092719;

+ 38 097 3514221;





More about the Union: www.soyuz-spa.com

Best regards

Тamila Rzaieva

President of Union Professional

SPA, Resort and Wellness-facilitiesin Ukraine


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