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Plantar reflexology is a technique of massage applied to the feet.

It is based on the belief, not scientifically proven, that on the feet and on the hands all the organs, glands, and parts of the body are reflected. According to its supporters, applying the Reflexology massage could have an effect or affect the organ corresponding to the stimulated reflex.

Reflexology is a holistic discipline that has the intent to operate a presumed "rebalancing of the whole organism in order to stimulate the capacity of AUTOGUARIGIONE".

The therapeutic work on the feet began thanks to the American physician William Fitzgerald (1872-1942)

Fitzgerald controlled and systematized for years the points that had been handed down, and their effectiveness, in collaboration with a group of doctors and therapists concerned. He is considered the founder of the so-called "ZONAL THERAPY"

With his experience Hanne Marquardt was able to expand, improve and modify Dr. Fitzgerald's maps.


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