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🇨🇦 Pilot Study starting at the beginning of January 2019

If you have an interest in treating Women's Health conditions and are interested in going beyond the musculo-skeletal to treat female pelvic conditions by incorporating Visceral Osteopathy principles & techniques into your practice, I have some great news!

We are currently accepting interested candidates for the Pilot Launch of our upcoming online course

"Treating the Female Uro-Genital System with Osteopathy : Bladder & Uterine Dysfunctions"

What's different about a Pilot Launch?

1) SAVE MONEY! you get to participate in the course at a greatly reduced rate (30% less)

2) GET INVOLVED! we ask for your feedback on each chapter

3) LEARN! you can submit questions to the Instructor (me!)

4) HELP OTHERS! Your feedback will be used to improve and adjust the course for future Osteopaths to come

We are looking for Osteopaths who are computer literate, consciencious, and available to participate in a five week Pilot Study starting at the beginning of January 2019.

Please send me at email to with the following information clearly written:

1) the subject/title of the email "Women's Health"

2) your full name and gender

3) what major city you are near and what country you are located in

4) what drives your interest in UroGenital Complaints within Women's Health & Ostepathy

No previous experience in Visceral Osteopathy or Women's Health required. Please note this is not a free course offering.

Maureen Hannah Maher, Educational Director Center for Continuing Education of Osteopathy

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