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Manual Therapy:

An effective, biological and sensible medicine

The Manual Medicine or Therapy was officially born in Europe in 1969 when a chair of orthopedic medicine and manual therapy was set up at the University of Paris entrusted to the French

doctor Robert Maigne.

The origins of modern manual medicine can be traced back precisely to this great French doctor who abandoned the concept of osteopathic injury and introduced the concept of D.I.M. (minor intervertebral disorder), ie a vertebral conflict which in its turn causes irritation of one or more spinal roots.

Today we speak of manual medicine as a branch that consists of over 50 manual techniques that match the patient and the symptoms we face and, depending on the case, one technique or another is preferred.

In recent years, the medicine and manual therapy has had a further boost thanks to the studies of many Australian and New Zealand doctors and therapists (Me Connel, Mulligan, Vincenzino) and Swiss doctors (Furter) and therefore also the therapeutic indications have increased.

Great and valuable studies have been carried out by us thanks to the collaboration with ODM International Board of Massage Therapist



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