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🇨🇦 The next course in Pediatric Osteopathy

the next course in Pediatric Osteopathy starts November 5th!

If you missed the Sept course, now you can enroll again !

This is the most complete online course available. With one new chapter released every week and over thirty demonstration videos, you can log on from anywhere, at any time, to learn.

You will learn how to perform a complete Pediatric Assessment on a Newborn, how to treat Cranial Abnormalities, Congenital Torticolis, Upper & Lower Limb Abnormalities, Latching and Feeding Difficulties and more.

Step by Step Treatment Protocols are demonstrated in live videos for you to watch as many times as you need. You can download the Treatment Protocol and practice on dolls then actual Newborns. Interesting Case Studies are discussed and provided as Homework Assignments.

A complete copy of the downloadable Workbook is included. Partial payments options.

Have a question about this course? Email me at

Enroll now by clicking on the link below


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