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🇨🇦 To all ICEO students of the online course

Maureen Maher

8 settembre alle ore 23:12

To all ICEO students of the online course Treating the Obstetrical patient Throughout all of the Stages of Pregnancy: An Osteopathic Approach... One of our goals is to help you continue to challenge yourself in learning to apply what you have learnt with our online courses. So we have created a CONTEST! We have a very interesting Case Study for you to listen to of a seven month pregnant expectant Mother on medically ordered bed rest due to a weak cervix. Write a Case Study Summary & Treatment Protocol for a fascinating story and win a 50% discount off enrollment in our next Pediatric Osteopathy online course! Will you accept the challenge ? Click below to join the contest! Submit your answers to before Sunday Sept 16th to win a 50% discount on enrollment in the next Pediatric Osteopathy online course starting Monday Sept 17th, 2018.


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