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๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Are you looking for a way to distinguish yourself among your colleagues?

Did you know that there is a worldwide shortage of Osteopaths who are trained to treat Pediatric Osteopathic Dysfunctions? Build your patient list and fulfill your CEU/ CPD requirements by focusing your practice on this facinating, satisfying, and emerging new field! PEDIATRIC OSTEOPATHY! Learn to treat Cranial, Digestive, Feeding and Orthopedic dysfunctions in this ten week online course. you can study and practice every week at a time that suits your busy schedule! Why study online with us? Your Instructor and Author of this course is a female Osteopath who, over the last fifteen years, has had the privilege of assisting hundreds of pregnant women and their children to overcome many of the dysfunctions that you will find in an Osteopathic Clinic. She has taught this course many times live to Osteopaths and is known for having a engaging, yet knowledgeable teaching style. Her fondness for mentoring Osteopaths become adept and sensitive to the needs of Pregnant Moms and their Children is communicated throughout the entire course. As a result, next to her course Treating the Obstetrical Patient Throughout all of the Stages of Pregnancy: An Osteopathic Approach, this is one of the most popular and in-demand continuing education courses we offer at the Center for Continuing Education of Osteopathy. We introduce the fundamental concepts of the mechanics of Pediatric Osteopathy, and teach you Osteopath how to successfully treat some of the most common dysfunctions found in Newborns in an Osteopathic clinical setting : 1) Cranial Distortions 2) Digestive Disturbances 3) Latching & Feeding difficulties 4) Orthopedic Birth Trauma Injuries A detailed curriculum of the course can be read below. Throughout the course, students can ask questions. Our Instructor devotes time each week to thoughtfully answering those questions and ensuring you are comfortable with the course material and practice times. How the Course Works: The course runs over ten weeks with one chapter released weekly. You will have access to the Introduction chapter immediately when you enroll, and the first chapter starts releasing on Monday August 6th, with each subsequent chapter being released each week after that for ten consecutive weeks. An additional four weeks are allowed at the end of the course to submit all of your homework assignments and be awarded your Certificate of Completion. Your learning experience includes over thirty demonstration videos of individual techniques, as well as demonstrations of complete Treatment Protocols. You can go back and watch the demonstration videos as many times as you want for the duration of the course. Advanced concepts and treatment protocols are discussed in audio format along with images and text for each condition. Interesting and relevant case studies are also reviewed and are part of your homework. There is approx 15 hours on-line learning with teaching in audio and video format accompanying each page, technique, and treatment protocol, and an additional 15 hours of homework assignments in the form of clinical practice related to each chapter, making this course a total of CPD 30 hours. Homework Practice Sheets, Assessment Forms, and Step-by-Step Treatment Protocols for you to practice each week at your clinic are provided to you to download at the end of each chapter. Cranial Osteopathy: We assume you already have a basic knowledge and training of Cranial Osteopathy and will need it to to fully appreciate the chapters and protocols that include Cranial Osteopathy in this course. If you feel you need a review of basic Cranial Osteopathy concepts, students have the option of ordering the Workbook that accompanies our four day crash course in the Fundamentals of Cranial Osteopathy & Cranio-Sacral Therapy. What you will need: You will need to purchase a soft, pliable doll (like the one in the video shown above) to practice the individual techniques on, well as hopefully recruit some volunteer Birthmothers and their Newborns for in-clinic practice. A schedule of exact dates each chapter and subject will be released is included in the Introduction, so you can pre-arrange for appropriate volunteers to practice on. You will also need access to a printer. The Accompanying Workbook: Students have the option of purchasing the downloadable Workbook that accompanies the live course. The link to the purchase of the Workbook is also included in the Introduction chapter, which you will have access to immediately when you enroll. Click here to watch the video and enroll to start learning today


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