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PROFESSIONAL ETHICAL CODE of the masseur therapist

PROFESSIONAL ETHICAL CODE of the masseur therapist

by Antonio Ruggio

Conceived for registered member therapists

International Board og Massagetherapist

Lugano, 1997

1. We masseurs have the responsibility to act in the interest of the patient. As members of this profession, we recognize the greatest degree of personal and professional integrity without which this mission can not be accomplished.

2. As massage technicians, we are committed to offering personalized care and applying techniques studied in a clean and comfortable environment, thus ensuring the well-being of the patient. As a result, within this profession these rules must be respected,

3. Maintain a professional presentation and behavior, maintaining good hygiene and dressing appropriately during work.

4. Respect all patients, regardless of their age, sex, race, origin, social level membership and public opinion, health status and professional habits.

5. Respect the patient by being present, listening to and respecting professional secrecy.

6. Do not disclose information about the customer without his agreement.

7. Offer a healthy, comfortable framework and use quality products.

8. Do not practice the methods for which you are qualified and physically and emotionally capable of. Direct the patient to the qualified specialist when the case of the patient in question is not within his / her competence.

9 Adapt the massage to the individual needs of each patient.

10 Ask for the right price for your services.

11. Keep your patients' records up-to-date by consulting them before each treatment.

12. Provide information to the patient to improve his health (books, exercises, etc.).

13. Clearly state your payment terms.

14. Keep informed on the techniques, reading and receiving information regularly, participate in specialization courses, internships, professional retraining seminars, at least once a year

15. To be a member of at least one professional association.

16 To raise awareness about massage and its benefits through presentations, seminars or articles.

The International Board of Massage Therapist, in order to let people know the true nature of the professional massage, medical or not, proposed this publication on the code of professional ethics that appeared in the "Lugano magazine" in September 1997, specifying that each massage therapist should scrupulously comply with this code, and any person who visits a clinic, a private practice, or a sports center should fully enjoy the result of the application of the aforementioned "Professional Code of Ethics" of the masseur .


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