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🇨🇦 🇨🇭 New Collaboration between the ICEO and the International Board of Massage Therapists for

The International Board of the Massage Therapist (ODM) is an international organization promoting health through rehabilitative medicine, massage therapy and other preventative therapy methods.

With their international professional training center in Switzerland, the International Board of Massage Therapists collaborates with various healthcare figures, universities, spa centers, schools and associations of massage therapy in 24 countries currently participating in ODM International.

Interested in learning more about the ODM History?

Visit their website

The ODM is involved in the publication of scientific texts, articles on specialized magazines, the organization of medical symposiums and scientific seminars.

Their headquarters in Switzerland offer the possibility to organize:

International conferences

Professional training courses


Open Days

The Center for Continuing Education of Osteopathy is proud to be affiliated with the ODM International is its future plans to offer our continuing education courses in Switzerland.

The Center for Continuing Education of Osteopathy strives to offer the best in accessible education for health care professionals who wish to further their knowledge of Osteopathic Manual Therapy.

Whether you hold a Diploma in Osteopathy and wish to fulfill your continuing education requirements, or are an Allied health care Professional, such as a Registered Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist, or Chiropractor, we offer continuing education seminars that will challenge you and engage you. But most of all , you will come away with valuable skills that will enhance your manual therapy practice, your reputation, and the success of your clinic.

Our seminars are among some of the

best in Ontario. Here's why:

1) We bring a high standard of academic teaching to Continuing Education of Osteopathy throughout Canada. Opportunities for Osteopathic Practitioners to fulfill their CEUs were limited in the past.

2) Participants often comment that complex osteopathic concepts are explained with easy to understand terminology and analogies.

3) Participants receive an unusual amount of individual attention from their Instructor, as we accept a maximum of 12 - 15 students at each seminar. Our Instructors take the time to ensure that each participant receives one-on-one practice time.

4) Each Participant receives a color Workbook for each seminar complete with explanation of relevant osteopathic concepts, indications, and treatment protocols.

5) Participants also have the option of requesting Private Tutoring prior to a seminar to help catch up on missing skills or knowledge, or after to help consolidate their newly acquired skills. Please navigate to the "Private Tutoring" page under the "More" drop

down menu to read more about Private Tutoring.

To learn more about our seminars, please navigate to one of the pages above.

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