🇨🇦 June 2019: Pediatric Osteopathy: Cranial Techniques & Advanced Treatment Protocols


Course starts this week! Partial payment plans available. Access to course duration has been extended to twelve months. Enroll now and get immediate access to the desktop version of the Workbook.

Did you know that there is a worldwide shortage of Osteopaths who are trained to treat Pediatric Osteopathic Dysfunctions?

Build your patient list and fulfill your CEU/ CPD requirements by focusing your practice on the fascinating, satisfying, and emerging new field of PEDIATRIC OSTEOPATHY!

Learn to treat some of the most common osteopathic dysfunctions in newborn babies in this ten week online course worth of CPD 30 hours:

1) Cranial Distortions & Torticolis 2) Digestive Disturbances Including Colic & Reflux 3) Latching & Feeding difficulties 4) Upper & Lower Limb Orthopedic Birth Injuries

Your learning experience includes over thirty demonstration videos of individual techniques, as well as demonstrations of complete Treatment Protocols.



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