Treating the Obstetrical Patient Throughout all of the Stages of Pregnancy: An Osteopathic Approach NEXT ONLINE COURSE START DATE: Monday June 4th, 2018 Enroll now! https://ceosteopathy.thinkific.com/courses/treating-the-obstetrical-pregnant-patient6 If you are interested in expanding your practice into Women's Health, learning how to treat Pregnant Women throughout their pregnancy, from 1st trimester to post-partum can be very fulfilling! This online course teaches you the Biomechanical changes that take place within a Pregnant women's body and the unique and changing demands during each trimester. This course provides you with step by step treatment protocols using gentler indirect techniques that is often more suitable for this patient type. A new chapter is released each week for eight weeks. Accompanying downloadable Workbook also available. All further info, including how to sign up, is found on the Landing Page:


June 4th start date - Treating the Obstetrical Patient Throughout all the Stages of Pregnancy (20 hrs)

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