Qualified operators in the different massotherapeuticdisciplines existing in the world today,


University centers, schools, and professional massage therapy associations, spas, rehabilitation clinics, public and private facilities.


late 2011

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29. 2011
connective tissue therapy course
professional course of reflex plantar therapy
32. 2012
II ° IKEA Promo expo 2012
exhibitors: Milo Wroblewski 🇵🇱 Dr. Ashok K. Madan Brigitte Stier 🇩🇪 Laura Simone 🇮🇹 Monica Vanotti Jcqueline Grab 🇨🇭
the organizer Antonio Ruggio 🇨🇭
Hawaiian massage course lomi lomi oluea
teachers: DanielFowler 🇺🇸 Uta Scheven 🇩🇪 Suzanne Marksteiner 🇩🇪
also present: Jacqueline Agustoni anda Aranda Eder 🇩🇪 Tijana Gaijc 🇷🇸
31. 2012_2013
Inauguration of the 2012/2013 school year

Antonio Ruggio 🇨🇭 Jacqueline Agustoni Alessandro Dr. Alessandro Galletta 🇮🇹 Genaro Isabella 🇮🇹 Alice Chiaverina 🇮🇹 Laura Simone 🇮🇹
Jacqueline Grab 🇨🇭 Brigitte Stier 🇩🇪 Antonella Lombardo 🇮🇹
Arilela Lavagno 🇮🇹 Stefano Banci 🇨🇭
33. 2013
32. 2014
manipulative massage
34. 2013
End of school year 2013/2014
Eleonora Caspani 🇮🇹 Ariela Lavagno 🇮🇹 Jacqueline Grab 🇨🇭
Gino Avellino Giovanni Dr. Giovanni Chetta 🇮🇹 Stefano Banci 🇨🇭
Elisa Testa 🇨🇭 Antonio Ruggio 🇨🇭
35. 2013
Theoretical exams
ODM International license plates delivery
Exposition «Body World» Milan

Public Relations Switzerland / Germany
Uta scheven 🇩🇪
Antonio Ruggio 🇨🇭
36. 2015
Public relations 🇨🇭🇮🇹: open day on the topic:
the applied soft tissue massage therapy in the physiotherapy context
Organized by Antonio Ruggio at the University of Studies
G. D’Annunzio from Chieti Italy with the collaboration of Prof. Raoul Saggini and Dr. Maria Grazia Bellomo.
37. 2015
the applied soft tissue massage therapy in the physiotherapy context
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20. 2006 - 2007
Dr. Giovanni Bergna 🇮🇹, definitive cure of psoriasis
Class dinner 2006
Dr. Ashok Madan 🇮🇳 ayurvedic medicine lessons
Monica Vanotti 🇮🇹 Anatomy and physiology lessons
also present: Adriana Sassi 🇮🇹I Marco Vellani 🇨🇭Doris Rogivue 🇨🇭
21. 2007 - 2008
Class for three years 2006/2009
Photo archive 2009/2010
present: Oxana Rovaris 🇷🇺 Adriana Sassi 🇮🇹I Sandra🇨🇭 Paolo 🇮🇹 Giorgio Milani🇨🇭Yoko Mizunuma 🇯🇵 Pierre-Yves Maye🇨🇭
22. 2010
Promo Expo Ikea, agosto 2010
23. 2011
Information evening and diploma delivery ceremony
Aromatherapy seminar
New Year's Eve Dinner 2011
Thai massage course
June 2011 theoretical exams day
26. 2011
June 2011: Practical exams of Ayurvedic medicine, theoretical exams of basic academic medicine
also present: Laura 🇨🇭 Alice 🇮🇹 Jaqueline 🇨🇭 Patricia 🇵🇹 Brigitte 🇩🇪 Paolo 🇮🇹 Pierre-Yves Maye 🇨🇭
and Dr. Ashok Kumar Madan 🇮🇳
Jacqueline Agustoni of basic academic medicine
Gennaro Isabella anatomy of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue techniques
28. 2011
Intensive kinesio thera taping course Intensive kinesio thera taping course

Kinesiology taping provided by the Pharmapiù company
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late 90's

early 2000's

11. 1997
Publication of the code of professional ethics of the therapist boulder by Antonio Ruggio published for the first time in 1997 in the Ticino monthly magazine "The magazine of Lugano".
In the repertory photo (from left to right) Eva Jung, Antonio Ruggio, and the group of students cel 1st balneotherapy course held in Switzerland; partly at the Stabbio spa, and partly at the Cademario Kurhaus.
12. 1998
Article "change is possible? Article by the professional guide Marco Lafranchi published in the newspaper "Il corriere del Ticino"
Dr. Barbara Ruggio, graduated in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine at the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine INC.del Ticino ”
14. 2000
The Swiss Red Cross recognizes the school program for masseuses, medical masseurs of Antonio Ruggio's ODM International School of Massage Switzerland.
This training is also recognized and subsidized by the Ticino social and health office. This school trained and graduated the first Swiss Swiss medical masseurs from 1999 to 2005 by providing them with a federal diploma countersigned by the Swiss Red Cross.
15. 2003
n parallel with the training for medical masseurs, the ODM International School has run three-year courses for technical prevention masseurs, granting diplomas recognized by the Swiss health insurance companies in the field of complementary medicine.
16. 2003
Fifth biennium of professional training for medical masseurs, This training provides full-time theory and practice at the school premises, and the part of full-time internship divided into two periods of 4, and 6 months before the second year final exam.
The final exams take place in 2 days: 1st day, written exam, oral exam, and thesis presentation - 2nd day clinical day divided into 5 tests at the internship site
17. 2004
Diplomas of medical massage countersigned by the CRS of 2004, the diploma awarding ceremony takes place this year at the congress hall in Lugano.
18. 2005
graduates other 12 technical prevention masseurs subsequently recognized by the Swiss health insurance companies
19. 2005
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01. 1997
The 90s
02. 1997
the articles dedicated to the first school promoting federal massage exams in the Italian part of Switzerland, the International School of Massage Switzerland (ODM) with a program conceived by the director Antonio Ruggio and recognized and subsidized by the Social and Health Office and by the education and culture of Canton Ticino
03. 1998
The first preparation school for federal exams U.F.I.A.M.L is valid for obtaining the mastery of professional massage of Italian Switzerland.
The program was approved and subsidized by the Canton Ticino.
The first class consists of 20 students at the time already full-time minimum 4-year condition, indispensable condition for admission to this two-year professional training.
04. 1998
Physiotherapist or masseur? Article by Marco Lafranchi in the Ticino newspaper "Il Corriere del Ticino"
05. 1998
International Board of Massage Therapist is born to protect customers, article by Gianni Righinetti - newspaper CdT Corriere del Ticino
06. 1998
Professional training "Treatment of the connective tissue" monitor: Dr. Prof. Stefano Maria Tadogno and "professional course of functional bandage" with the participation of Sixtus
07. 1998
The first edition of TI SANA, Giuseppe Rossi promoter & Antonio Ruggio Director of the ODM International School of Massage Switzerland
08. 1998
1st open day InternationalBoard of Massotherapist
At the conference organized for the occasion as seen in the photo they participated (from right to left): the television presenter Giovanni Rengucci, the director of the ODM International School of Massage Antonio Ruggio, the scientific director Dr. Alessandro Galdi, and the federal accountant LIc. Rer.Pol. Daniele Pacciorini.
09. 1998
RTSI Radio and TV of the Italian Switzerland, Antonio Ruggio guest of Giovanni Rengucci in the transmission "Amici miei"
In the same photo a group of students of the AESI Association of Estheticians of Italian Switzerland during a professional refresher course organized with them with a professional school in San Marino
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