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ODM International 2020 groups, Varese & surroundings

following the first training event in which our international association officially participated, the need arose to create this specific group in the city of Varese and surrounding areas

The first adhesions to come from the students of the holistic training in Dream Massage held by the SPA Maager Stefano Serra our honorary member,

and organized by Claudia L. Musaj, elite partn...

The Dream Massage course takes place in

Varese 🇮🇹 on 8/9 August

teacher the SPA Manager Stefano Serra

Organized by: Musaj L. Claudia

official inclusion of SPA Manager as an honorary member of the International Board of Massage Therapist Associati

Despite the fact that the pandemic state has not been completely eradicated, and beyond the fact that we are at the gates of the summer holidays of August,

thanks to the tenacity of Mr...

Registration 2020: Spa manager Stefano Antonio Serra, Naples Honorary Member International Board of Massage Therapist

registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland

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