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April 08, 2020, professional group inauguration

ODM International Paolo Leone 🇮🇹

Associate therapist, and ODM International Blogger, my colleague Paolo Leone is operational and very active in our association, also at the service of users and the community.

We will soon organize online theoretical lessons thanks to your commitment as a teacher with adequate material available to support the students

You can also follow his articl...

April 7, 2020

We are happy to announce your colleague membership

Lavinia Kahuna Condorache 

N ° Reg. ODM 415/1457

Holistic masseuse

maderotherapy teacher,

and Bamboo massage



expert Ukrainian masseur,

member and head of the Spa / Wellnes Union

Ukraine in Romania 🇺🇦 🇷🇴

And at the Anna Baroni Academy 🇮🇹

0040771646861 (WhatsApp line)



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Viruses vs. Immune System

Never underestimate the little opponents: 

you see a lion, no a virus

We are called to respect life.

We are called to respect nature, to others and to ourselves.

And I feel called to do my part and inform.

The only thing we can do right now? Eat better.

Right in respect of ourselves and of our concerns which are not currently good food for thought (and for the immune system) is good to remember that what we...

International Board of Massage Therapist Association, 

Registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland

Ha il piacere di annunciare l'affiliazione di 

ADON, Associazione Discipline Olistiche Nazionale

Via Nilo 30

65015 Montesilvano (PE) Italy

​+39 349 184 7174



a seguito della recente convenzione 17 febbraio 2020 ADON, Associazione Discipline Olist...


La Riflessologia Plantare è una tecnica di massaggio applicata sui piedi. 

Si basa sulla credenza, non scientificamente provata, che sui piedi e sulle mani si trovino riflessi tutti gli organi, le ghiandole, e le parti del corpo. Secondo i suoi sostenitori, applicando il massaggio Riflessologico si potrebbe avere un effetto o influire sull'organo corrispondente al rifl...